The countdown has started!

Noepoli PZ  Noepoli artists Palazzo Rinaldi   Palazzo Rinaldi Artists residency


Can you believe it’s officially summer already?  This can only mean one thing…the countdown to the 2014 Residencies has started!  Preparations are in full swing…

We are excited to meet and welcome such a wide variety of artists and disciplines this season, as well as hosting Cora Murphy’s art workshops– it’s going to be a busy and fun summer.  Just to give you a taste of things to come, this year we are expecting composers, documentary makers, sculptors, photographers, writers, visual and new media artists- and even an architect! Artists come as always from around the world, including our very first AIR from Argentina!

All the news will be posted up here, so keep an eye on this blog and our Facebook page and you’ll be able to read all about the goings on at Palazzo Rinaldi this summer.



Celebrating Spring

Straight from the terrace at Palazzo Rinaldi, we thought we’d share this wonderful arcobaleno (rainbow) who decided to visit us over the weekend…wishing all our former and future AIRs a wonderful & inspiring Spring 2014!

rainbow Palazzo Rinaldi Italy

terrace Palazzo Rinaldi

rainbow Palazzo Rinaldi


“Marzo pazzerello: esce il sole, piglia l’ombrello!” – Italian proverb

Crazy March…sun is out, pick up the umbrella!

Of kindness and clay

One of the joys of writing this blog is to commit to ‘virtual’ paper some of the most unforgettable Residents and their works, some of which have  become part of the tradition of the Residency- and (as in this case) of the fabric of the Palazzo itself.

When US sculptor Teresa Lind first joined us in Residency back in 2008, it was originally to continue her research on the figure as subject, and how costume and clothes inform identity.  She set out to work on female figures inspired by traditional Italian apparel, which she brought to life from slabs of malleable red wax, which she saw as an ideal material to transport and to work while in Residency:  “Wax is quiet, easily obtained and contained (…), the ideal material so that the pieces can later be cast in bronze and iron and finished with a variety of surface patinas to reflect the colors and vibrance of the garments.”

resident artist Palazzo Rinaldi     artist residency sculpture

Above: Teresa at work on her wax figures, below: images of the finished works, cast back in the US

artworks Palazzo Rinaldi    artwork

But Teresa was to distinguish herself and leave her mark at Palazzo Rinaldi for far more than just her creativity, hardworking attitude and warm personality.

Moved by the history of the Palazzo Rinaldi terrace busts, two of which had been damaged by burglars in the 1990s, Teresa decided to dedicate the rest of her stay to sculpt a brand new statue.  With only three days or less until the end of the stay, there was no convincing her otherwise as she set off to collect clay from the hill at the foot of the village, and started work on the terrace under the August sun.

Palazzo Rinaldi Italy residency   Palazzo Rinaldi terrace

                                                           Teresa at work, and below the cast of her interpretation of the missing statue.

                                                                                 terrace artists Palazzo Rinaldi

Unfortunately it was soon time to say goodbye as Teresa’s residency drew to a close, but we were delighted to hear that she was planning to come back the following year, to bring along her musician husband and complete her work.

Fast forward to the following August, and it was wonderful to have Teresa back and meet her lovely husband Kristopher.


This being Teresa however, this was never going to be just a romantic getaway.  Having decided that she was unhappy with the bust she had cast the previous season, she immediately set out to create a brand new one, this time based on the original design depicting the greek poet Sappho.

statue Palazzo Rinaldi    clay Italy Palazzo Rinaldi

Teresa Lind

The timing was perfect as Teresa managed to finish her bust just as her Residency wrapped up.  Located as we are in a very remote area, unfortunately we had no kiln available for firing the work, but we promised Teresa that during the autumn we would do our best to find a place that would see her project to completion.

And so we did- in Summer 2010, the once empty pedestal was finally reunited with its original occupier – the only female in the series.

art Palazzo Rinaldi   sculptors Italy

As the seasons change and the weather adds its finishing touches to the surface, the statue blends in more and more with the existing original works. But for us at Palazzo Rinaldi this one will always stand out: as a reminder of Teresa, keeping us company through the seasons, and for Residents as an inspiring object to admire and interact with.

The images below shows our Sappho modelling jewellery created in Residency by S&M Jewelry (aka Milda Bublys and Sarah Schrift) in 2011.

Palazzo Rinaldi exhibition   Palazzo Rinaldi mostre

Teresa’s was an unforgettable gesture.  Her statue, bearing her striking likeness, stands on the terrace forever admiring the view and greeting every new resident with its story of kindness and true artistic sensibility.

Teresa Lind (Palazzo Rinaldi AIR 2008 and 2009) is a sculptor and founder from Wisconsin working in bronze, iron, and aluminum metals.  Her work is a pursuit of the figure, its presentation as subject and object and the contemporary issues that accompany it.  She regularly attends conferences on cast metals and recently constructed her own iron melting cupola. Teresa received her BFA from the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh in 2000 and her MFA from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee in 2005.  She was also educated as a sculptor in Italy at the Florence Academy of Art in 2002.  Currently, Teresa teaches sculpture at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.